About Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Digital Balance (SHIMADZU)
  • Double Beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer (SHIMADZU)
  • Spectro Fluorophotometer (SHIMADZU)

Year of Establishment - M.Pharm-2005

The Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis has well equipped central instrument room, laboratories, research facilities with experienced teaching faculties. Pharmaceutical Analysis Department play vital role in all other departments.

Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Analysis was started in the year of 2005 with an intake of 10 students and now it has been increased to 12 students.

The following major activities of the Department are to make the students to acquire knowledge as well as skill.

  • Performing Qualitative and Quantitative analysis of pure drug, formulations and impurities at lab level.
  • Quantitative analysis of drug and formulations by using various analytical instruments at laboratory and central instrument room.
  • Hands on training on all modern analytical instruments so that students can operate the instruments at industry level.
  • Organising Internship training in industry to get familiarity with handing of instruments.
  • Performing Thesis work at industry level to acquire knowledge and get placement at industry level.
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