Anti Ragging Committee

Anti Ragging Committee

Constitution of Anti-Ragging Committee


The Anti – ragging committee at institute level is here by constituted for prevention of the ragging and also to ensure the Implementation of Anti - ragging measuring in the college.






Dr. S. Jayaprakash

Principal – Chairperson


Dr. M. Sundarapandian

Vice Principal


Dr. S. Venkatraman



Dr. N. Chidambaranathan



Dr. G. Nalini

Associate Professor


Mr. N.Jegan

Associate Professor


Duties and Responsibilities

All the members are directed to implement the following guidelines immediately to curb the ragging in the college and outside.

  • Frequent rounds in the college campus and
  • Conduct awareness programs among the student about
  • Advise the student to communicate to their parent and faculty, if any sort of ragging
  • If any type ragging occurred, immediately conduct the meeting and recommend appropriate action to be taken as per the act of prohibition ragging in educational institutions [26 of 1997] to the concerned
  • Create peaceful and ragging free atmosphere in the college campus/surrounding.
  • Members are directed to prevent the ragging inside and outside of the campus, if anything found, members are asked to bring it of the notice to the chairperson
  • The member’s and staff are directed to follow and act accordingly anti ragging
  • The members of anti ragging committee in during the lunch hour, hostel, canteen, bus are directed to prevent the ragging by daily, weekly, monthly rounds by anti ragging squad
  • The tenure of this cell shall be for the period of three years e.f 5th December 2022

The duties and responsibilities to be followed for conduct of meeting of the cell shall be as per rules of the University.


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